Labels & MSDS Sheets


24-D Amine 600

A-Rest Plant Growth Regulator

Acadian Organic Liquid Seaweed

Acapela Fungicide

AceCap 97 Insecticide

ACELEPRYN G Insecticide

ACELEPRYN Insecticide

ACERnt Hanging Basket 13-12-12

ACERnt Perennial Spring + Micros Fertilizer 13-10-15

ACERnt Perennial Summer + Micros Fertilizer 13-10-15

ACERnt Topdress / Incorporation + Micros 16-7-10

ACERnt Topdress All Season + Micros 19-4-12

Actara 240SC Insecticide

Actinovate® SP

Advantage + Seaweed Soil Treatment

Affirm WDG Fungicide

Agral 90

Aliette WDG Fungicide

All Clear® Tank Cleaner

Altus Insecticide

Aluminum Sulphate

Ambush 500 EC

Ammonium Sulphate – Soluble Grade 21-0-0

Anderson 0-0-25 HV Nutri DG W/ Mn,Mg,Proactin SGN 75

Andersons 0-0-12 Nutri DG + 24% Mg SGN 75

Andersons 12-24-8 HV Nutri DG 50% MU + Fe,Mn,Mg SGN 75

Andersons 12-3-12 HV Nutri DG AQN + Fe,Mn,Mg SGN 75

Andersons 13-0-26 HV Nutri DG 100% MU SGN 75

Andersons 14-7-14 Nutri DG 60% MU + Fe,Mn SGN 75

Andersons 15-0-15 Nutri DG 50% MU/50% AS

Andersons 18-0-5 Nutri DG 75% MU + 7%Mn SGN 75

Andersons 18-3-18 Nutri DG 93% MU SGN 75

Andersons 18-9-18 Nutri DG 60% MU + Fe,Mn SGN 75

Andersons 19-0-15 Nutri DG 100% MU + Fe,Mn,Mg SGN 75

Andersons 20-0-16 Nutri DG SPORTS 100% MU SGN 150

Andersons 21-0-20 PolySport 100% NS-52/SOP SGN 150

Andersons 23-2-10 PolySport 65% NS-52 + 5%Fe SGN 150

Andersons 28-0-06 Nutri DG 60% MUTECH SGN 150

Andersons 28-0-10 PolySport 60% NS-52 SGN 240

Andersons 30-3-9 PolySport 50% NS-52 + Micros SGN 240

Andersons 4-22-0 SmartPHOS DG + 8% Mg SGN 75

Andersons 44-0-0 Humic-coated Urea SGN 215

Andersons ATEP Micro Pack 12%Mg,8%Fe,3%Mn,1%Zn,0.5%Cu

Andersons Black Gypsum Greens Grade SGN 75

Andersons DG Gypsum SGN 100

Andersons Genesis RX 5-7-5 + ATEP/Humic DG SGN 100

Andersons Humic DG – Greens Grade SGN 75

Andersons Prophesy Fungicide DG Pro SGN 100

Anti-Desiccant (Plant-Prod)

AntiCondens Anti-Condensation Treatment

AquaGro® 2000L Greenhouse Soil Surfactant

AquaPlex Ca Liquid Calcium Soil Treatment

Arena® 50 WDG Insecticide

Armour-L 0-0-15 Potassium Silicate

ARSENAL PowerLine Herbicide


Aspect™ Herbicide

Assail 70WP Insecticide

Avid® 1.9% EC Insecticide / Miticide

B-Nine WSG Plant Growth Regulator

Bactri-Pond Bio-Algaecide

Badge Herbicide

Banner MAXX® Fungicide

Banvel VM Herbicide

Basagran Herbicide

Basamid® Granular Soil Fumigant

Beleaf 50SG Insecticide

Betamix B Herbicide

Bioceres G WP Insecticide

Blast Sprayable Soil Modifier

Blood Meal 12-0-0

Bone Meal 2-14-0

Bonzi® Plant Growth Regulator

Borax Pentahydrate 15% Boron

Border Brand 16-20-0-14

Border Brand 19-19-19

Border Brand 8-26-26

Border Brand Ammonium Sulphate 20-0-0-24

Border Brand MAP 11-52-0

Border Brand Urea 46-0-0

Border Brand Urea Phosphate 27-27-0

Border Brand Urea Phosphate 34-17-0

Border™ T&O Spray Performance Adjuvant


BotaniGard® 22WP Bio-Insecticide

BotaniGard® ES Bio-Insecticide

Brandt 20K 2-0-20 Urea/Potassium Acetate

Brandt Bigfoot Blue Spray Indicator

Brandt Converge 18-3-6 + Minors 30SRN

Brandt Converge 30-0-0 SRN 60SRN

Brandt Converge Zero Phos 18-0-6 + Minors 30SRN

Brandt FlashDance 1-0-0 + 5% Fe

Brandt Foli-Cal 5-0-0 + 10% Ca

Brandt iHammer Megalex 3-0-0

Brandt iHammer Upplause Plus 10-0-0

Brandt In-Cyte 3-12-1 + Soil Builders

Brandt Manni-Plex Eagle 7-0-14 + Micros

Brandt Manni-Plex Grow 12-0-6 + Micros

Brandt Manni-Plex Magnesium 5-0-0 + 4% Mg

Brandt Manni-Plex Manganese 7-0-0 + 5% Mn

Brandt Manni-Plex Root Builder 3-0-0 + Micros

Brandt Manni-Plex Total Turf 5-0-0 + Micros

Brandt Manni-Plex Ultra Turf 4-0-2 + Micros

Brandt MKS 0-0-4 (Sul-Po-Mag)

Brandt Parco-Root XL Micros/Soil Health

Brandt Seaweed Max 25% Seaweed Extract

Brandt Supreme Green 12-0-0 + Micros

Brandt Uptake 12 – 12% Humic Acid

Bravo ZNC

Breaker™ Anti-Foam Agent

BTK Bio-Insecticide

Cabrio EG Fungicide

Cadence Fungicide

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0

Captan 80 WSP Fungicide

Cascade™ Plus Soil Surfactant

Casoron® G-4 Herbicide

Chateau WDG Herbicide

CheckMate MCPA Ester 600

Chelated Micronutrient Mix

Chelated Turf Micronutrient Mix

CHEMPROCIDE Disinfectant/Sanitizer

Citation 75WP Insecticide

Citric Acid

CIVITAS Fungicide (co-pack w/ Harmonizer)

CIVITAS Harmonizer (co-pack w/ CIVITAS Fungicide)

Clean-jet Storage & Cleaning Solution

Clearview WG Herbicide

Compass™ 50WG Fungicide

Concise Plant Growth Regulator


Copper Chelate 14%

Copper Spray Fungicide

Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate

Coppercide Fungicide

Coragen Insecticide

Cosavet Edge DF Fungicide

Cueva® Copper Fungicide

Cyclone Fungicide

Cycocel® Extra Plant Growth Regulator

Daconil 2787® Flowable Fungicide

Dacthal W-75 Herbicide

Decree 50 WDG Fungicide

Delegate™ Insecticide

DeltaGard 20EW Insecticide

DeltaGard® SC Insecticide

Demand CS Insecticide


DEVOUR™ Pond Sludge Remover

Devrinol 2-XT Herbicide

DIBROM® Insecticide

DiPel 2X DF Biological Insecticide

Diplomat 5SC Fungicide

DISARM™ Turf Fungicide

Dispatch® Sprayable Soil Surfactant

Distance Insect Growth Regulator

Dithane™ Rainshield™ Fungicide

Double Nickel LC Fungicide

Dragnet FT

Duplex™ Soil Infiltration Surfactant

DYNO-Mite® WP Miticide/Insecticide

E-Z Mix Chemical Compatibility Agent

Early Bird 3-0-1

EcoClear Non-Selective Bio-Herbicide

Elevate 50 WDG Fungicide

END-ALL II Insecticide

Endeavor® 50WG Insecticide

Enstar® EW Insect Growth Regulator

Entrust* Insecticide

Equal 65 WP Fungicide


Etidot 67 Boron 20.5%

Even-Spray Custom 10-0-30 Fall Fertilizer

Even-Spray Custom 28-0-10 Spring / Summer Fertilizer

EXIREL™ Insecticide

Feather Meal 11-0-0

Ference Insecticide

Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer

Fighter Anit-Foam Agent

Finalsan® Pro Commercial Eco-Herbicide

Floramite SC Miticide

Florel® Plant Growth Regulator

Fontelis Fungicide

Forbid® 240 SC Insecticide / Miticide

FujiMite Miticide/Insecticide

Fulvic Acid

Funginex® DC Fungicide

Garden Protector Insecticide

Garlon™ RTU Herbicide

Garlon™ XRT Herbicide

General Storage Disinfectant

Glisten Golfball Washer Detergent

Goal 2XL Herbicide

GreenClean Acid Cleaner

Grigg Bros. 10-2-4 All Natural 100% Organic Greens

Grigg Bros. 16-4-8 Turf Rally + Micros

Grigg Bros. 7-0-14 Zero Phos Greens + 7% Fe

Grigg Bros. 8-4-16 Endurance Greens + Micros

Grigg Bros. A-O-K Potassium

Grigg Bros. Amino Iron 12-0-0 + 5%

Grigg Bros. Bi-Blend 10-0-0

Grigg Bros. Burley Green

Grigg Bros. Carboplex

Grigg Bros. Displace 12% Calcium + Surfactant

Grigg Bros. Gary’s Green

Grigg Bros. Gary’s Green Ultra

Grigg Bros. Greenpig Ultra Turf Pigment

Grigg Bros. Iron Combo 12-0-0 + Fe,Mn,Zn

Grigg Bros. Kelplex™ 1-2-2

Grigg Bros. Manganese Combo (Cu, Mn, Zn)

Grigg Bros. Microburst

Grigg Bros. Nutra-Green

Grigg Bros. P-K Plus

Grigg Bros. Rhizonify

Grigg Bros. Sili-Kal B

Grigg Bros. Suprema

Grigg Bros. Turftopia

Grigg Bros. Ultraplex™ 4-0-3

GroSpurt GS-4 Plant Growth Regulator

GroSpurt GS-5 Plant Growth Regulator

grubGONE! G Turf Insecticide

Heritage MAXX™ Fungicide

HI 7004 Buffer Solution pH 4.01

HI 7007 Buffer Solution pH 7.01

HI 70300 Storage Solution

HI 7031 Conductivity Calibration Solution

HI 7061 Electrode Cleaning Solution

Honor Fungicide

HORTI-KLOR Chlorinated Greenhouse Cleaner

Humic Acid EZ-Gro 80%

Hypro Pump Oil SAE 30

IMA-Jet Injectable Insecticide

Incide-Out™ Tank Cleaner

Insignia Duo Fungicide Co-Pack A (Premis 200F)

Insignia Duo Fungicide Co-Pack B (Insignia SC)

Instrata II Fungicide – Part A

Instrata II Fungicide – Part B

Instrata® Fungicide

Intercept™ 60 WP Insecticide

Iron Chelate 13% EDTA

Iron Chelate 6% EDDHA

Iron Sulphate 21%

Jade Turf Fungicide

Jet Black™ EZ SoluPak™ Pond Dye

Jet Black™ Liquid Pond Dye

Kabuto™ 400SC Fungicide

Karmex® DF Herbicide

Kasumin 2 Bactercide

Kelly’s Capsulated Dolomitic Limestone

Kelly’s Capsulated Gypsum

Kelly’s Capsulated Hi-Cal Limestone

KLEENGROW Disinfectant / Bactericide / Fungicide

Kocide® 2000 Fungicide/Bactericide

KONTOS® Insecticide

Kool-Ray Classic Shading Compound

Kopa™ Insecticidal Soap

Kumulus DF WDG Fungicide

LAGON 480E Insecticide

Landscape Oil Insecticide

LeafShield® Anti-Transpirant

Lebanon 0-0-24 Country Club MD + Micros 80 SGN

Lebanon 10-2-3 70% Bio/30% Mesa/Expo + 2.5%Fe 150 SGN

Lebanon 12-0-24 Country Club MD + Miocros 80 SGN

Lebanon 12-24-8 Country Club MD + Micros 80 SGN

Lebanon 14-0-14 Country Club 70% MESA SOP + 11.2% Humic Max

Lebanon 15-2-8 Mesa/Meth-Ex/Bio + 1%Fe 195 SGN

Lebanon 16-0-8 Country Club 35% MESA SOP + 12.8% Humic Max

Lebanon 16-25-12 ProScape Starter 25% Mesa 200 SGN

Lebanon 18-0-18 Country Club MD + Micros 80 SGN

Lebanon 20-0-10 Country Club MD + Micros 80 SGN

Lebanon 20-0-25 ProScape 100% Expo, 85% CRN 195 SGN

Lebanon 22-0-16 Country Club MD + Micros 80 SGN

Lebanon 8-4-24 Country Club 65% MESA SOP + 11.6% Humic Max

LI 700® Surfactant / pH Adjuster

Lime Sulphur Fungicide

Lorsban* 4E Insecticide

Magnesium Chelate

Magnesium Nitrate 10-0-0 + 9.3% Magnesium

Magnesium Sulphate

Malathion 50EC Insecticide-Miticide

MALATHION 85E Insecticide

Manganese Chelate 13%

Manganese Sulphate

Manzate Pro-Stick Fungicide

Maxtima Turf Fungicide

MCPA Sodium 300 Herbicide

Mecoprop-P Herbicide

Medallion® Fungicide

Merge Adjuvant

Met52 EC Bioinsecticide

Micora Fungicide

Milestone™ Herbicide

MilStop® Foliar Fungicide

MJ 10-30-20 Bloom

MJ 12-8-26 Grow

MJ 15-0-14 Cal Kick

MJ 15-30-15 Boost

MJ 4-31-37 Finisher

Monoammonium Phosphate (MAP) 12-61-0

Monopotassium Phosphate 0-52-34

Multicote Extra 4-Month Controlled Release 15-7-15

Multicote Extra 6-Month Controlled Release 15-7-15

Multicote Extra 8-Month Controlled Release 15-7-15

Multicote NPK Pro 4-Month Controlled Release 18-6-12

Multicote NPK Pro 6-Month Controlled Release 18-6-12

Munger Horticultural Vinegar Herbicide

Muriate of Potash 0-0-62

MYCOSTOP WP Bio-Fungicide


Nexter WP Miticide / Insecticide

Nitric Acid 67%

Nova™ Fungicide

Nutricote Type 100 Fertilizer 13-11-11

Nutricote Type 100 Fertilizer 14-13-13

Nutricote Type 100 Fertilizer 18-6-8

Nutricote Type 140 Fertilizer 13-11-11

Nutricote Type 140 Fertilizer 14-13-13

Oracle® Dicamba Herbicide

Orthene 97 Insecticide Soluble Granule

OxiDate® 2.0 Bactericide / Fungicide / Hard Surface Sanitizer

PAR III Herbicide

Payload® Herbicide

Phosphoric Acid 75%

Phostrol Fungicide

Phostrol Pro Fungicide

Phyton-27 Bactericide / Fungicide

Pinpoint Fungicide

Plant-Prod Acid Fertilizer 21-7-7

Plant-Prod Acidic High Nitrate 20-2-20

Plant-Prod All Purpose 20-20-20

Plant-Prod All Purpose High Nitrate 20-8-20

Plant-Prod Cal Plus 15-0-15

Plant-Prod Cal-Mag 14-0-14

Plant-Prod Companion 13-6-30

Plant-Prod Drip Irrigation Fertilizer 24-10-20

Plant-Prod Fairway Takedown Turf Fertilizer 25-0-0

Plant-Prod Finisher 12-0-44

Plant-Prod Forestry Finisher 8-20-30

Plant-Prod Forestry High Nitrate 20-8-20

Plant-Prod Forestry Starter 11-41-8

Plant-Prod Greenhouse Grade Urea 46-0-0

Plant-Prod High K 15-15-30

Plant-Prod High N Fertilizer 28-14-14

Plant-Prod Hydroponic 6-11-31

Plant-Prod Interior No Dye Fertilizer 20-10-20

Plant-Prod No Phos Turf 38-0-10

Plant-Prod Optimum Cal Mag 12-2-14

Plant-Prod Plant Starter 10-52-10

Plant-Prod Poinsettia Plus 18-6-20

Plant-Prod Pro Kick Turf Fertilizer 12-0-12

Plant-Prod Solutions Complete 17-5-17

Plant-Prod Solutions Fertility Plus 19-2-19

Plant-Prod Solutions No Stretch 15-0-20

Plant-Prod Solutions pH Reducer 18-9-18

Plant-Prod Solutions Total Plus 19-8-13

Plant-Prod Super K 20-5-30

Plant-Prod W.I.N. Tree Fertilizer 30-8-8

Play-Off Anti-Foam Agent

POLYDEX Bacteriostatic Algaecide

Posterity Fungicide

Potassium Bicarbonate

Potassium Nitrate, GH Grade 13.5-0-46

Pounce 384 EC Insecticide

Premis 200F Fungicide

Presidio 4SC Fungicide

PRESTOP WP Bio-Fungicide

Previcur® N Fungicide

Primer 604 Soil Surfactant

Primo MAXX® Turf Plant Growth Regulator

Primo MAXX® Turf Plant Growth Regulator


Promalin® SL Plant Growth Regulator

Prophesy DGPro Fungicide

PureCal Calcium Nitrate 13-0-0

Purespray™ FX Fungicide / Insecticide / Miticide

Pyganic EC 1.4 Insecticide

Pylon™ Miticide-Insecticide

Pyrate 480 EC Insecticide

Quadris Flowable Fungicide

Quali-Pro® Chlorothalonil 720F Fungicide

Quali-Pro® Imidacloprid 0.5 G Granular Insecticide

Quali-Pro® Imidacloprid 75WSP Insecticide

Quali-Pro® Pendant 50 WDG Fungicide

Quali-Pro® Propiconazole 14.3 ME Fungicide

Quali-Pro® T-Nex 11.3 ME Turf PGR

Quicksilver T&O Herbicide

Ramik Brown Rodenticide

Ramik® Green Rodenticide

Regalia® Maxx Fungicide

Regreen™ Turf Colorant

Renovo Fungicide

Replace™ XL Divot Sand Colorant

Revolution® Soil Surfactant

Reward® Aquatic Herbicide

Rhapsody® ASO Bio-Fungicide

Ridomil Gold® 480SL Fungicide

RootShield PLUS WP Bio-Fungicide

RootShield® Granules Biological Fungicide

RootShield® WP Biological Fungicide

Roundup Transorb® HC Liquid Herbicide

Roundup WeatherMax® w/ Transorb® 2 Technology Liquid Herbicide

Roundup® Super Concentrate Grass & Weed Control Herbicide

Royal MH-30® XTRA Plant Growth Regulator

Runway Marking Foam Concentrate

Safers Insecticidal Soap

SaniDate 5.0 Sanitizer / Disinfectant

Secure Fungicide

SEGWAY 400SC Fungicide

Senator 50 SC Fungicide

Serenade Soil® Fungicide

Serenade® Opti™ Fungicide

Sevin XLR Plus Carbaryl Insecticide Liquid Suspension

Shuttle™ 15 SC Miticide

Signal Blue EZ Spray Indicator

Silamol® liquid Potassium Silicate

Sinbar® WDG Herbicide

Sivanto Prime Insecticide

Sixteen90 Soil Surfactant

Sluggo™ Professional Slug and Snail Bait

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate (39% molybdenum)


Solupotasse 0-0-50

Specticle-G Pre-Emergent Herbicide

SPECTRUM™ Pond Nutrient Balancer

Spray Lime (Hydrated)

Stella Maris Aquatic Plant Extract

Sticky Traps – Blue / Yellow

STIM-ROOT® 10000 Liquid Rooting Hormone

STIM-ROOT® 2500 Liquid Rooting Hormone

STIM-ROOT® 5000 Liquid Rooting Hormone

STIM-ROOT® Rooting Hormone Powder #1

STIM-ROOT® Rooting Hormone Powder #2

STIM-ROOT® Rooting Hormone Powder #3

StorOx Bactericide / Fungicide

STRIP-IT Greenhouse Cleaner & Sunblock Wash

Subdue MAXX® Fungicide

Success™ Insecticide

Suffoil-X Spray Oil Emulsion

Sulphur (Microscopic) WP Fungicide

Sulphuric Acid 93% (66BE) Concentrate

Sumagic Plant Growth Regulator

Super Signal™ Blue Concentrate


SureGuard Herbicide

SUREMAG® 6% Magnesium

Surround® WP Crop Protectant

Switch 62.5WP Fungicide

Talus Insect Growth Regulator

Tanos™ Fungicide

Telar® XP Herbicide

TetraSan 5WDG Miticide

Tivano Bactericide / Fungicide

Topgun Herbicide Concentrate

Tordon™ 22K Herbicide

Torpedo™ Herbicide

Tourney Fungicide

Treflan* E.C. Herbicide

TREKKER TRAX® Spray Foam Concentrate

Triple Superphosphate – Fine Grade 0-46-0

Triple Superphosphate 0-45-0

TRISTAR 70WSP Insecticide

Trounce Insecticide

TRU-BLU™ Pipe Thread Sealant

Truban 25% EC Fungicide

Truban 30 WP Fungicide

TRUE BLUE™ EZ Pond Colorant (Toss Pack)

TRUE BLUE™ Pond Colorant (Liquid Concentrate)

Turf Fuel Blade Iron 15-0-0 + 6% Fe

Turf Max Pigment Remover

TurfPride Granular 35-0-5

Up-Cyde 2.5 EC Insecticide

Valid® Drift Retardant

Vanquish™ Herbicide

VectoBac® 200G Biological Larvacide

Vegol Crop Oil

Velifer Bio-Insecticide / Miticide

Velista Fungicide

Velocity SP Herbicide

Vendex 50WP Miticide

Ventigra Insecticide

VERIMARK® Insecticide

Virkon® Greenhouse Virucide / Bactericide / Fungicide

VisionMax™ Silviculture Herbicide

VP480 Non-Selective Herbicide

Wilson One Shot Jet Foam Hornet & Wasp Killer

Woodace A.C.R.E. Acidifying Fertilizer 12-3-6

Woodace Flowering Plant Landscape 14-14-14


ZeroTol® Broad Spectrum Algaecide / Fungicide

Zinc Chelate 14.8% (EDTA)

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate

Zipline ST Soil Surfactant

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